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Stocktaking – individual articless

If you want to make a stocktaking of individual articles, click on the gear to the right of the article in the Storage Items tab.

The idea here is that you should be able to take an ongoing inventory. When it is then time to inventory an entire storage, these goods will be marked as inventoried and you will not have to inventory them again.

The amount will not be updated until you have created an inventory by clicking Create stocktaking and signed the inventory – see the next section.

Stocktaking – multipel articles or entire storage

If you want to inventory several articles or the entire storage, there are two ways.


Option 1. Click on this symbol in the Storage Items tab. Select all articles (top box) or select which articles you want to inventory. You can filter your list by selecting storage, set date or make a search.

Option 2. Go to the Stocktaking tab and click the + sign. Select all (by clicking the top box) or select the articles you want to inventory.

Click Create Stocktaking.

Image 8: Option 1: Create stocktaking from the tab Storage item.

You can now specify a time period for the inventory and add comments.

Image 9: Click Start stocktaking to begin the inventory.

Click Start stocktaking.

How to make an inventory

  • Click Take stock at the far right of an article. A popup opens where you fill in the number and click Save. You can also use a hand scanner (with bluetooth connection to computer / mobile) and scan the barcode on the article.
  • If there is a difference, this is visible in the list. To handle the deviation, click Handle to the right of the articles. A pop-up will open where you can correct the discrepancy or select Remove. Remove means that you remove the inventory of the article.
  • If you need to change the inventory, click on the pen symbol.
  • Is an article missing from the list? Click on Stock take manually and you can add it from the article register.
  • If you now have a list of articles that are not in stock, you can quickly “zero” these by clicking on the Set remaining to zero link.
  • When all articles are inventoried, you sign the inventory and it is set to Done.
Image 10: Here you enter the amount of the article. Click Save.

If there is a deviation, this can be seen in the list. To handle the deviation, click on Handle to the right of the article and sign the deviation.

Image 11: The pop up “Handle difference”.


When all articles are inventoried, you sign the stocktaking, the amount is updated and the inventory is set to Done.

Image 12: List of stocktaking with status.

Stocktakings you have made can be found under Stocktakings with status:
In draft (not started).
In progress (started but not completed).
Done (signed and ready).


If you did not handle the differences during the inventory, you can create inbound delivery or outbound delivery after signing by clicking on the links for Inbound Delivery alt Outbound Delivery. If there are no deviations, you will not see these links.

Storage value

When you have made an inventory and signed it, a storage value is automatically created. You get storage value for all your storages. This means that you can quickly find out the value of the storage in a technician’s car, for example.

Updated on 18 April 2024

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