In Storage, you can create several different Storages. Items are easily moved between the different Storages.

Inventory contains inventory lists, registration of inbound and outbound deliveries, inventory and transaction history. The system also handles updating of stock items that are, for example, in service technicians’ cars.

Storages have a variety of settings and rights, so if you do not see what is described here, it depends on what permissions you have. Settings and rights are changed by signing in with an admin account. See more information at the bottom.

What does Storage contain?

Here we walk you through the different entrances. What you see and can do as a user is governed by your permissions in the system.

When using the Storage function these symbols appear when you add items to an order.

This symbol is displayed when you choose to pick from your Main storage.
Click on the symbol to change storage.

You see a star when you have selected a Default storage. The number indicates the quantity of the item in the storage.

Click on the symbol if you want to select another storage or no storage at all.


Image 1: List of storages.

Click the +-sign to create a new Storage.

Add items to the new storage list by making a manual delivery. (You do this under Deliveries by clicking on the + sign). Deliveries can also be made via a Purchase Order.

In the example above, we have created a stock list for an individual service car – “Servicecar1”. You can easily move goods to, for example, the storage in a service car by using the Deliveries function. Read more under Deliveries on this page. It gives you full control over what and how many items are in the cars and the correct number is deducted from the correct car when the item is used.

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Do you want to download / export a list of the items in a storage? Click on the storage you want to create the export for and then click on this symbol. A csv-file is created which you then open in your spreadsheet program.

Main storage

You create a storage by importing an inventory of your current storage.

There must be a Main storage. If you want to use another storage as Main storage this can be changed by selecting another storage in the list, open it and click the Set as Main Storage button.

You can also:

  • rename the storage or add comments – click on Edit
  • view all history concerning a storage – click on View History at the bottom of the storage information page.

Image 2: How to Set as Main Storage

Your Default storage

When you use an item in the storage, it is taken, by default, from the Main storage. You can change this yourself by using the function Use as Default storage (see image below)”. A Default Storage is the storage from which you primarily take your items, such as the storage in your car.

Click in the Storages list on the Storage you want to use as your Default Storage. At the bottom of the page is the Use as Default Storage button.

To remove yourself from a Default storage, without choosing another, click on Assign and uncheck the box next to your username.

An administrator may have assigned you a Default Storage. If so, you can not change the storage selection.

Image 3: How to set Use as Default Storage.

To view transaction history for a Storage open the Storage and click View history.

By opening a Storage you can also see which others use the Storage as their Default Storage.

Migrate storage items

You can also use the Migrate feature to move (make a delivery) items from one storage to another quickly and easily. See Image 2 above.

Updated on 6 March 2024

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