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Upload registers

There are several ways to upload a registry to the system.

With templates found on the page Upload you can create files for uploading many kind of registers: customer, work orders, articles, contacts … If there are no templates or you need help with this don’t hesitate to contact us.

How to upload a register:

  1. Sign in with the administrator user permission.
  2. Go to Group settings by clicking on the group name on the home page.
  3. Go to the bottom of the page and select Upload register. You end up on the Upload page.
  4. Select the section you want to upload registers to and press Select file
  5. Wait for the upload to complete. A upload progression is displayed. It is possible to leave the page, the uploading will not be interrupted.
Excel files

Upload Excel files. Templates for the excel files with their design and which fields can be imported can be downloaded from the page Upload. Click Upload register to access the page.

These registry types are currently available. You can find them all on the Upload register page.

Price list
Service objects
Service object, parts
Customer register
Customer articles
Service component template
Work orders
Work orders, parts
Work order assignments
Service protocol
Service protocol, parts
Service object template parts

Generally applies:

ALWAYS download a new file when creating a file to upload as the files changes and updates from time to time.

The file contains a number of preset headers. These headers must be in the file you create but do not have to be in this exact order. Do not change the headers!

Always start by uploading a small number of records to see that everything will be and end up right.

Always upload the registry itself before uploading the registry parts file. Ex: First the file Service object, then the file Service object, parts.

If the date is to be specified (f.i installationdate), the default is yyyy-mm-dd, but pretty much all variations are accepted.

Need help?

We can of course help you make the import or help you by validating your file to avoid problems. Contact Us to get a quote!

Accounting program

It is possible to add integration with accounting softwares as Visma, Fortnox or BL Administration, but the information and instructions for that is only available in Swedish. Please contact Us! if you are interested in more information on this.

Updated on 27 February 2024

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