Remove user

When an employee leaves, you inactivate their username.

Inactivate means that the user remains in the system but you do not pay a license for the user.

Do this:

  1. Log in as admin. On the Group Settings page you will find all your users.
  2. Click on the username you want to remove/inactivate.
  3. Select Inactivate.
  4. The username turns red and moves to the Inactive heading.

If the user has admin permission that permission has to be removed before you can inactivate the user.

You need to have at least one user with admin permissions in order to make settings and set permissions to other users.

All history for the user is saved. If necessary (due to GDPR, for example), the user’s name can be anonymized so that you can still maintain history and traceability. Contact us and we’ll fix it!

Should the employee start working again, just click on the username and select Activate.

You do not need to report when inactivating or activating users. The system handles this automatically so that you are always charged the correct number of licenses.

Updated on 28 January 2024

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