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Planner and Resource

Updated 2023-02-17. Change of Other type
Update new function 2023-02-10: Adding work orders from the Planner
Favorites in Resource 2023-03
New setting: Max number of bookings per day/resource 2023-03-20

In the Planner you see your assigned orders or all currently booked orders, depending on what rights you have in the system.

As a supervisor, you can in the Planner assign resources to booked orders and plan the day’s, week’s and month’s work. We recommend that you work in the Planner via a computer as the function is not optimized for small screens and mobile devices.

If you want to pair the Planner with a google calendar, go to your account settings by clicking on your username. Scroll to the bottom of that page and you will find the Link to google account button.

You can also subscribe to the Planer Calendar. Read how here.

For some languages holidays will appear in the calendar, based on the language selected in the browser.

In the Planner there are three tabs – Calendar, Resource and Rental. Rental is still in beta version so you probably will not even see it yet. But the function is included in the screenshots on this page.

Image 1.

The Resource tab gives you a quick overview of who is busy or available for emergency work.

Resources here are equal to employees and users of the system. In the documentation here, we use the word resources.

There are a lot of settings that can be made for the Planner. Read more about admin settings for the planner.

At the bottom or to the right of the calendar (depending on which setting you have selected) you see the resources in your group but can also choose to see an individual resource or unallocated orders. Resources can also be divided into groups. This is done by an administrator under Module Settings – User Group Settings.
The resources can also be given distinctive colors as in image 1.

Settings for the Planner

If you want to change how the Calendar and Resource are displayed (full screen, time interval, Saturday / Sunday) click on the gear in the upper left part.
Click the gear again to close. The changes are saved automatically.

You can change where the names of the resources are displayed – below the calendar or next to it.

If you have the setting “Show assigned planned orders”:
Not assigned order is “grayed out”.
Assigned order shows with light blue color.

These orders cannot be moved in the planner. It must be done by entering the order. Click on the order and make a booking.
Once you have booked the order, it disappears from the planner.

You can set max number of bookings showing per day/resource. If more the number set the rest show by clicking the +1.

Show Booking Stash opens a field below the scheduler where you can drag and drop orders temporarily. Useful if you have orders that need to be done during the day but have not yet been assigned/deployed to a technician and time. The orders remain until you schedule them.

Go direct to the order on clicking a booking means that you will go directly to the order instead of the Edit booking pop-up.

Which view?

If you want to scroll monthly and weekly, click on the arrow symbol.

Do you see a month in the calendar but want to see a week, or be able to choose which one? Read more about settings for the planner. This setting requires an administrator login.

Click on the calendar symbol (square with a number) and you can browse the calendar monthly via a pop-up window while the current month / week remains in the background.

In resource there are several views to choose from as well as List that create a list of orders.


* Scheduled order – this is a date when the order should be executed.

* Assigned order – a technician/user is assigned an order and should executed the order, alternatively is responsible for the order.

* Booked order – a technician/user should execute the order and on a specific day and time.

What do the colors mean?

The system is color-coded so you can quickly see the status of an order.
Here you can read more about colors and symbols.

Red – missed order, ie a booking that has fallen due in time
Orange – planned
Green – a future date
Purple – ready for invoicing
Blue – performed / invoiced
Light blue* – planned and assigned but not booked
Gray* – planned but not assigned or booked

*If you do not want to see these orders, click on the gear wheel and uncheck Show assigned planned orders.

Status color

The narrow color column to the left of an order indicates the status. You choose it yourself if you want to use it by setting the value and color under Module settings – Work order settings – Custom statuses (requires admin login).

White triangle

If you enter a description on the booking by clicking on the booking in the Planner a white tab is added to the right corner to make it clear that there is a description added.

If you have selected the Planner setting – Always show description, the text in the description is also displayed in the planner without opening the booking.

Personal colors

By default, all resources are blue, but it can be useful to give them different colors. To set this:

  1. Log in with the admin account.
  2. Go to Group settings.
  3. Scroll down to Edit User settings.
  4. Click on the user you want to edit settings for.
  5. Select color under Color in the Planner (right column).
  6. Save.
Example from the planner where employees / resources have been given distinctive colors
Color and expression of “Other type”

Under TYPE, you can choose whether you are working on an order or are free for various reasons. There is also the option “Other” here. Which working time type is linked to Other is set in Planner settings. The selected time type takes its color from settings under Time report. Read more about how to change type and color.


Add a booking

Click on the day you want to add a booking. A pop-up window opens where you fill in the necessary information – select the resource, enter the time and choose which order the booking applies to. Click Add.

Change the date of a booking

Drag and drop the order in the calendar.

Delete booking

Click on the booking and select Delete and then Save the change.

Change the day, time, or assignment of a booking

Click on the booking. Current order is marked in the list with a blue frame. Make changes and click Save.

Add leave: holidays, sick leave, parental leave etc.

Click on the current day to open the booking window. Select a resource and enter the type of leave under TYPE. The information is automatically sent to the time report. Click Add.

Add new work order, service order or contact order
  • Click on a day.
  • Select resource.
  • Enter time.
  • Click the +-symbol after the search field and choose type of order.
  • A new order is created.
  • Fill in the order and click save.


Resource tab has a slightly different view than Calendar. You can choose to see day (2 versions), week or month (incl 3 mounth). (Settings option in Group Settings – Edit Planner settings).

Scroll sideways (scroll under the calendar) to look further ahead. Use the arrows to jump to another month.

If you have chosen to see Month, you will see available resources on the left hand side and the orders for which they are booked in the calendar. If you have chosen a day, the resources are at the top.

By clicking on the small tab on the right, you open the list of orders.

List view shows a list of orders.

List view. Here you also see all view options.

You can search for orders. Click on the symbol with a check mark if you want to specify filters to search in more detail.

Or click on your Favorite filters (from To Do) listed under the search field in the Resource tab.

Assign a resource to a job

Drag and drop a booked order to the column for a resource and the field for booked date and start time. To change the time, drag the bottom edge to the selected end time. You can move bookings by dragging and dropping another resource or time.

You can assign the same order to multiple resources by holding down the Shift key and dragging the order.

Add a booking to a resource

In the Resources tab you can also click on the day you want to add a booking. A pop-up window opens where you fill in the necessary information – select the resource, which order the booking applies to and specify the time. Click Add.

Once you have been booked for a job, you will receive a notification.

Information for administrators

User permissions concerning the Planner: View, Edit, Assign*.

*Without the permission Assign the user does not appear in the Planner/Resource.

There are a lot of group settings that can be made for the Planner and that affect how the user sees the planner.

View settings
  • Show serial numbers on bookings
  • Show customer names on bookings
  • Show facility name on bookings
  • Show monthly view on calendar
  • Show weekly view on calendar
  • Show day on the resource view
  • Show month on resource view
  • Always show description
  • Send notifications on other bookings
    Sends a notification when there is a booking type “Other”
  • Use rentable objects.
    Enables the Rental module in the Planner

Edit Other type

Choose which time report type should be linked to Other time in the Planner. The list shows all your time report types. The same color as the selected time report type is also displayed in the Planner.

How to change color on the selected type:

  1. Go to Time report
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page
  3. Click Edit Types
  4. Find the type. To the right of each type is a color field. Click on the field and a color palette will open where you can change the color.
  5. Save your change.

If you do not make a selection, the selected type is Normal and black.

Updated on 20 February 2024

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